Our international partners

The most enjoyable period of the vocational training is the mobility in abroad, we offer for our students nowadays many opportunities. Beauticians, hairdressers, electricians, welders, carpenters, joiners, tilers, painters, furniture technicians, Chemist technician-, Electrical power technician-, Central heating and gas network system mechanic-, Cooling and ventilation systems mechanic-, Domestic engineering technician VET students can go abroad to have experiences sin the job learning or have a VET training at workshops.

We also receive students from our international partners in our school, they can work at our workshops or have the opportunity to make on the job learning by local companies.

Our foreign partners in VET KA1 projects:

Our local partners and companies:

Europass Certificate-Supplement

Our school offer training abroad for this professions.

Szakma Profession Certificate-Supplement
Hegesztő Welder (EN) (DE) (HU)
Festő, mázoló, tapétázó Painter, decorator, paper hanger (EN) (DE) (HU)
Ács Joiner (EN) (DE) (HU)
Burkoló Tiler (EN) (DE) (HU)
Fodrász Hairdresser (EN) (DE) (HU) (ES)
Kozmetikus Beautician (EN) (DE) (HU) (ES)
Vegyésztechnikus Chemist technician (EN) (DE) (HU)
Villanyszerelő Electrician (EN) (DE) (HU) (FR)
Erősáramú elektrotechnikus Electrical power technician (EN) (DE) (HU) (FR)
Asztalos Carpenter (EN) (DE) (HU)
Központifűtés- és gázhálózat rendszerszerelő Central heating and gas network system mechanic (EN) (DE) (HU)
Hűtő- és légtechnikai rendszerszerelő Cooling and ventilation systems mechanic (EN) (DE) (HU) (FR)
Épületgépész technikus Domestic engineering technician (EN) (DE) (HU)
Europass Certificate-Supplement pdf, forrás